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How to Clean Black Mold – Step by Step

How to Clean Black Mold – Step by Step

In this guide we will show you How to Clean Black Mold Step by Step.


Mold effects our health, and can be even more dangerous on kids than grown ups. And mold should be taken care of as quick as possible.


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To get started you need:

  • A soft Brush
  • Clean Wet Sponge
  • A Spray Bottle

To be careful and do this riskfree, we also recommend that you use masks (to cover your mouth). And a dress so you dont get the mold on your clothing


Find 2 containters or glassses

Fill up 1 with Water and 1 with Vinegar

Fill the glasses or the containers up equally


Mix both in the Spraybottle


Rub the wall with the effected mold softly


Spray the Mix you made a while ago, on the effected Mold area


Let the Mix sink in for 2 – 5 minutes.


Use the Soft Brush to rub the mold effected area.


The mold and fungus should start to wear off. And you should start seeing the normal colour of your wall again.


You are now able to see the before and after effect of your Mold cleaning.

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If you want to watch a little movie on how to do this:

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